Mission Statement

The Law Clerks’ Society of the Supreme Judicial Court is comprised of those who have served, or who currently serve, as law clerks to the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court. Current and former Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court are also honorary members of the Society.

The purpose of the society is to maintain a vital connection between the Court and its law clerks, with the goal of honoring, sustaining, and nurturing the Court’s legacy and living history. To that end, the Society shall devote its efforts to (1) assisting the Court in whatever way may be appropriate and fitting; (2) engaging in educational efforts within the legal community and beyond, in order to foster support for the rule of law and an understanding of the essential role of an independent judiciary; and, (3) providing a social framework within which those who have served as law clerks, together with the Justices of the Court, may meet and enjoy each other’s company on a continuing basis.