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Law Day 2018
May 4, 2018 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

On Friday, May 4 at the John Adams Courthouse from 9 am to noon, we will assist the Court in celebrating Law Day.  The theme for this year’s event is:  Separation of Powers – Framework for Freedom.  The Law Day celebration is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the Court and share your passion for justice with younger people.

Message us or email Linda Bauer for more information.


The S.J.C. Law Clerks Society is seeking volunteers to help the Supreme Judicial Court in hosting its annual Law Day event at the John Adams Courthouse, Conference Suite, Holmes Courtroom, One Pemberton Square, Boston, on May 4th from 9am – 12pm.

Message us or email Linda Bauer for more information.

This year the Law Day Theme is:  Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom.  The 2018 theme provides the opportunity to explore how the U.S. Constitution sets out a system of government with distinct and independent branches—Congress, the Presidency, and a Supreme Court. The Constitution also defines legislative, executive, and judicial powers and outlines how they interact. These three separate branches share power, and each branch serves as a check on the power of the others. “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition,” James Madison explained in Federalist 51. Why? Madison believed that the Constitution’s principles of separation of powers and checks and balances preserve political liberty. They provide a framework for freedom. Yet, this framework is not self-executing. We the people must continually act to ensure that our constitutional democracy endures, preserving our liberties and advancing our rights. The Law Day 2018 theme enables us to reflect on the separation of powers as fundamental to our constitutional purpose and to consider how our governmental system is working for ourselves and our posterity.

Theatre Espresso will start off the celebration with a performance of Justice at War: The Story of the Japanese Internment Camps.  The Constitutional issue of which branch of government has the power to suspend the writ of habeus corpus is explored in this play.  Volunteers from the Society are invited to watch the play with approximately one hundred local school children.  The students will then break into three groups.  One group will proceed to the 7 Justice Courtroom to hear from a Justice; the second group will go to the Great Hall for a tour; and the third group will meet with volunteers from the Law Clerk Society to discuss the Law Day theme and the performance.  The groups will each rotate, so that each group attends each separate session.  After the Law Day celebration has ended, the volunteers will meet with one or more Justices.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the Court, and to share your passion for justice with younger people.